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Hire TMAC To Do Pressure Washing in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN.

3Reasons to schedule an appointment:

Reason One: Family Time is Precious.
Working all week long, late nights in the office, come home late at night; kids are winding down, getting ready to get into bed. Supper has been served, and a plate is in the oven covered in tin foil. Enough time is spent away from family; don’t waste the weekend doing pressure washing on the house. Hire a pressure washing company like T-MAC Pressure Washing 423-284-2023

Reason Two: Increase The Value Of Your Home.

Curb appeal is a primary target when listing ones home in the real estate market in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN. The exterior of your home should cry out “Professionally Cleaned.” Shopping for a new home should be a pleasant experience. Provide the potential buyer with a clean environment. A potential buyer would be willing to accept the asking price. To the contrary, a house that is covered in green gunk and moldy vinyl siding and roof stains, A potential buyer may bid on the house covered in mold and mildew for thousands of dollars less than the asking price. Invest in your home or business by using a Professional pressure Washing company like T-MAC Pressure Washing.

Reason Three: Avoided Emergency Room Visits.

Pressure washing is commonly known as a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) project.
A local radio D.J. a few years ago said she was pressure washing her sidewalk in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN. She muddied her leg. She didn’t give it a second thought and wash it off. The tremendous force of pressure generated by the pressure washer made a massive cut on her leg. Stories of people falling off of ladders and hurting themselves severely occur frequently.
Mistakes made by homeowners using a pressure washer with a 3000-4000 Pressure Per Square Inch (PSI) have proved costly. Rely on a company like T-MAC Pressure Washing to secure home or business.

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A Common Misconception About Pressure Washing;

It’s Not About The Pressure
Time after time, more damage is being done by homeowners and Weekend Only Companies with a pressure washer. Many people think they can refinish there deck by blasting away the old stain off of their cedar. But then, they don’t understand what happened when they realize there are deep gouges all over their $6000 deck, and now the wood is ruined.

When it comes to cleaning any wood surface, low pressure with the right chemicals, will successfully remove most stains on decks. There is no need to try and blast away dirt and stain off the deck. By using a low pressure application of the right chemicals, followed by a 600-800 psi rinse, most stains will easily come off.

In Chattanooga / Cleveland TN pressure washing is done by many homeowners to wash their vinyl siding. But so many times, these homeowners are using unsafe practices because once again they believe it is the psi of the machine that actually does the cleaning. People have been seen standing on ladders, with one side of the ladder propped up by rocks because of the landscaping! Many people don’t realize it just takes one time for a “fall off” of a ladder and that fall could lead to a serious injury or even death. Very rarely does a professional pressure washing company ever have to get on a ladder to wash a home. Once in a while a company many need to stand on the roof to reach a certain part of the second story, but if the angle from the ground is good, there is no need for a ladder.

Many pressure washing companies in Chattanooga & Cleveland TN have the correct equipment
to wash the exterior of a home safely and effectively. With the right detergents, vinyl siding can be cleaned with the pressure of a garden hose. There is no need to try and use high pressure to clean those little black specks off of vinyl siding. In most cases the black specks on the siding is what is called artillery fungus or shotgun fungus. This kind of fungus comes from mulch around the home. For more information about this kind of fungus, we suggest you do a Google search on this kind of fungus.

In conclusion, if you decide to DIY.

Exercise safety there is more to pressure washing than just hooking up a hose to a pressure washer and pulling the trigger.
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