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Staining your deck is no easy chore.

#1 What Kind Of Deck Stain Do You Have On Your Deck?
The biggest mistake we see as a pressure washing Chattanooga / Cleveland TN company is homeowners believe they can just stain over the top of their existing deck stain. While this is true in some situations, you must be careful preparing your deck for deck staining. If your deck is peeling, chances are you have a latex based deck stain on your deck. If the deck stain was applied over another deck stain, the deck was not prepped correctly. Also, one must understand that latex based deck stains do not penetrate into the wood. Latex based deck stains just lie on top of the wood, not offering much protection at all.
If your deck stain shows signs of fading, then chances are you have an oil based deck stain. Oil based deck stains are much better for Chattanooga / Cleveland TN Deck Staining, because oil based deck stains penetrate into the wood, protecting cedar decks much better than latex based stains.

#2 Will Applying Too Much Deck Stain Make My Deck Finish Last Longer ?
When homeowners are applying deck stain, they have a tendency to over apply the stain thinking the finish will last longer. It will do more harm than good.
Deck Stains need to be able to breathe to dry properly on the wood surface. By over applying the deck stain, you a restricting the deck stain to dry properly, resulting in your deck finish failing much quicker by peeling or cracking.
When applying deck stains, give your deck one good coat of deck stain. Let the oil based stain naturally absorb into the wood. If it absorbs quickly, than the wood is thirsty and needs more deck stain. Generally as a Deck Staining Chattanooga / Cleveland TN Company, we put no more than two coats on horizontal wood surfaces.

#3 Can I Use A Pressure Washer To Take My Old Stain Off My Deck?
Yes you can, but you will be replacing the wood as well. For example, when Restoring A Cedar Deck Chattanooga / Cleveland TN you must be careful not to use too much pressure. Cedar is a soft wood, and with the right cleaners and detergents, you could remove the existing finish off of cedar with around 500-800 psi.
Too many times when we go out to do Chattanooga / Cleveland TN Deck Staining, we see gouges in the wood where they have used too much pressure trying to clean their deck. When doing Cedar Restoration Chattanooga / Cleveland TN, it is crucial to use low pressure when removing dirt, mold, mildew, and failing stain finishes.

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