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TMAC Concrete Cleaning

Clean concrete says a lot about your property.
Residents and customers appreciate and feel safer in clean, well maintained surroundings, especially tourists who aren’t familiar with the area. Your parking garage, sidewalks and
front entrances are some of the first things guests, residents and customers see when arriving at your property.

Community sidewalks and curbing can be cleaned and will not only help beautify your community, it also can help eliminate slip & fall accidents from dirty, moldy concrete.

Cleaning of dumpster areas help gets up the grease and left over food items that attracts varmints, not only helping with rodent control but also snakes, and skunks.
Ever been to a restaurant or fast food and parked around back only to be welcome by a rancid smell when you open the door. Most like what you smell is either food items that didn’t make it to the dumpster, or sour grease that has been spilled. Either way a regular cleaning program can keep this in check. We offer Weekly, bimonthly, monthly, as well as quarterly cleaning programs.

Let us help make that first impression a good one!

If you operate a hotel, resort or housing community you know how often the concrete in your high traffic areas such as front entrances, parking garages, dumpster areas and sidewalks can become dirty, oily and covered with gum. Our regular maintenance cleaning contracts can be designed to fit any schedule and budget.


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