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Q. What area does T-MAC Pressure Washing service?
A. You can check the map on our website for commercial and residual.

Q. At what times of the day does T-MAC provide service?
A. Usually commercial service is done overnight or at times that business is the least busy. Residual service are usually done during daylight hours, however both services are performed at the times you request.

Q. Do we have to be present when service is performed?
A. No as long as we have access to the area being washed you do not have to be present.

Q. Do you accept credit cards?
A. Yes at this time we accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Q. Is pressure washing really good for a house or roof?
A. Pressure washing is mostly a term used for exterior cleaning or washing. The truth is the higher up you wash the less pressure you use. Example when you wash concrete usually high pressure is used. On a house or building the pressure is reduced so as not to damage siding or divit this is refer to as a soft wash. On roof we use no pressure to speak of 60 psi or less.

Q. We are getting ready to sell our home can T-MAC give a estimate of what needs to be cleaned to help in the marketing?
A. Yes we would be glad to give you a list of each item that needs to be washed by most important to least important and you can pick out all or just the top items.

Q. Can washing help our restaurant business with rodent control?
A. Cleaning of dumpster areas help gets up the grease and left over food items that attracts varmints, not only helping with rodent control but also snakes, and skunks.

Q. Can we have our windows clean at the time of pressure washing service?
A. Yes we can schedule windows to be cleaned by a professional window cleaning that we normally work with at same time as service.

Q. Does TMAC have insurance?
A. Yes, we secure a liability policy and workman’s comp insurance for all employees.

Q. Should I ask for proof of insurance?
A. Yes, all our commercial accounts require proof of insurance. Homeowners may have the same requirement. A homeowner could become libel, if someone without insurance becomes injured on the job.

Q. How long will it be before I need to have my house washed again?
A. We will guarantee it for 1year. In most cases, the next house washing should occur with
in two years or more.

Q. What are the dark stains on my siding?
A. Most likely it is mold, mildew, or algae. If algae or mildew is left unclean, it can turn into mold. In some areas of the country mold is not covered in homeowner insurance.

Q. The dark areas on my roof, are they the same as the dark stains on my siding?
A. Yes, in some cases moss could be growing on the roof as well. As the growth of moss increases, the roof will hold moisture thus damaging it even more.

Q. When doing a house wash are the gutters cleaned also?
A. The bottom side of the gutters are cleaned along with your house wash; however, if you want the interior of the gutters cleaned, it would be a separate charge.

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