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3 Reasons To Hire TMAC To Do Pressure Washing in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN.

Pressure washing is commonly known as a DIY task. Here are your 3 reasons why you should not do it yourself.

Reason One: Why Waste Your Time Away From Your Family When You Can Hire It Done.

Your time is precious to you and your family. You work all week long, late nights in the office. You come home late at night; your kids are winding down, getting ready to get into bed. Supper has been served, and your plate is in the oven covered in tin foil. You spend enough time away from your family. Don’t waste the weekend doing pressure washing at your home in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN.

Reason Two: Pressure Washing Your Home In Chattanooga / Cleveland TN Will Increase The Value.

Thinking about listing your home for sale in the tight and tough real estate market in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN Then it’s time to think about having the exterior of your home professionally cleaned.
Let’s look at it this way if you were shopping for a new home, I am sure you would be attracted to a home that was free of mold and mildew and not a home that was covered in green gunk. And if you did make a bid on that house covered in mold, I am sure it would be for thousands less. Would you want a potential buyer trying to buy your house for thousands less because of moldy vinyl siding or roof stains? Think about a professional pressure washing as an investment instead of an expense.

Reason Three: 3000-4000 PSI Can Do A Lot Of Damage; Like Sending You To The Emergency Room.

A local radio D.J. a few years ago said she was pressure washing her sidewalk in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN. when she got some mud up on her leg. She thought she would just wash it off, but she made a massive cut on her leg. We have also heard stories of people falling off of ladders and hurting themselves severely.
As an owner of professional pressure washing company in Chattanooga / Cleveland TN, I have seen many mistakes made by homeowners using a pressure washer. From gouging wood on a deck to leaving marks on vinyl siding. I have seen so many costly mistakes done I could make a list a mile long.
Leave the pressure washing to a company like TMAC Pressure Washing. Request an estimate today. 423-284-2023

TMAC Pressure Washing
It is very important to keep the exterior of your home clean. It prevents premature aging which reduces maintenance and saves you money. When you compare the relatively low price to the high cost of home repairs, it makes perfect since why home owners choose to have this type of work done on a scheduled basis.
There is a lot more to a pressure washing business than most people realize. Just because someone has a truck and power washer they bought from a home improvement store, does NOT qualify them as being a professional cleaning contractor. These individuals have completely ruined people's deck, driveway and home.
Protection for your property is a good reason why hiring legitimate and experienced pressure washing company to handle your needs is a wise decision. Unlike the trade "jack-legs", a real company like T-MAC Pressure Washing has done countless hours of research and testing to make sure our methods are the safest and most effective.
Another plus is variety. Our cleaning service includes a wide selection of specialties that keep you from having to seek out multiple companies to do the work you want done.

    • House Washing
    • Roof Cleaning
    • Driveway Cleaning
    • Gutter Cleaning
    • Wood Deck Cleaning, Sealing & Staining


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